Great News from former Gateway Student


I thought that I would let you know about Quinn’s achievements in farming since you were a great support when he wanted to look at Farming as a career while at Aquinas. Quinn left Aquinas College in 2014 to pursue a farming Career. He is currently studying for Level 5 in Primary ITO. He was award a Diary NZ Scholarship (which you have to be nominated for) to fast tract his training after just 8 months in the industry, and was the youngest student by far in the level 4 Primary ITO course.

Earlier this year he won the New Zealand Dairy Industry Trainee of the year for Auckland/Hauraki and in the weekend he came third  overall in New Zealand for Dairy Trainee of the Year.

I’m sure the Taster courses and the night classes he did through the Careers Dept at Aquinas have been a big help in getting Quinn where he is today so THANK YOU!!!